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About Us

Our Mission & Story

Life Doesn’t Get Better By Chance.

It  Gets  Better By Change!

Our mission is the enable the change to cleaner energy by becoming the leading supplier of innovative green  decarbonising Technologies in Australia

H2-Hybrid  offers  HHO Kits Hydrogen on Demand

Volta Automotive offers EV Conversions :

Nikola One- H2

About Us

H2-Hybrid Australia Pty Ltd is the Australian distributor for Hydrox Systems HHO KITS in Australia .  Hydrox Systems (, a European manufacturer headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, is  dedicated to research & development of hydrogen on demand and oxy-hydrogen fuel-saving systems and emission reduction technologies. It Makes HHO generators for all types of internal combustion engines – Cars, Vans, Buses, Trucks, Boats, Agri Machinery, Building Machinery, Power Genset, and heating boilers.

H2-Hybrid  Australia Pty Ltd  is a subsidiary of H2-Hybrid Ltd a  Volta-H2 Group Ltd  NZ Company , owned by New Zealand based Phoenix Technologies Group Ltd. H2-Hybrid’s initial target is the automotive sector.

The Friendly Team

  • Colin R Middleton BCA CEO NZ director
  • Andrew J Carroll Technical Director & Sales Manager Australia
  • Carl Vanden Heuvel Auto Electrical advisor.NZ
  • Dan Maher Automobile Engineer NZ
  • Leigh Blissett- Director NZ
  • Greg Vesey – Director NZ

Our Vision

In the process of savings you money on fuel consumptions and reducing engine emissions -we  aim to become a leading supplier of hydrogen  decarbonising technologies  to help save the planet, as the Toyota  adverts says, we only have one planet, as we can’t live on Mars.