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Brown’s Gas Electrolysis

Many people are curious about the machine that produces Brown’s Gas, particularly the electrolyzer. The electrolyzer is a tool that separates water into its oxygen and hydrogen components. When hydrogen and oxygen are combined in a specific ratio of two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen, it forms a stoichiometric mixture, which is the composition of pure water. Brown’s Gas is created solely from pure water and must contain a stoichiometric mixture of hydrogen and oxygen in the precise ratio mentioned.

The development of the Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzer began in China in 1991 with the implementation of Brown’s Gas technology, which was inspired by the research conducted by Professor Yull Brown, a Bulgarian scientist. This innovative electrolyzer utilizes metals as solid electrolytes to facilitate the separation of hydrogen and oxygen molecules without the use of harmful electrolytes.

The query regarding whether Brown’s Gas generated by a PEM electrolyzer without the use of toxic electrolytes still qualifies as Brown’s Gas is a frequent one. This inquiry stems from the assumption that the toxic electrolyte plays a role in defining the properties of Brown’s Gas during electrolysis.

Brown’s Gas can be produced using any electrolyzer that generates hydrogen and oxygen gases, as long as they are combined before use. However, alkaline PEM electrolyzers, such as those offered by Hydrox Systems of Bulgaria, are not recommended for human inhalation due to the presence of harmful electrolytes. The PEM type of Brown’s Gas electrolyzer is the only safe option for human use, but Hydrox Systems solely manufactures HHO devices for vehicles.

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