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High Efficiency Zero Carbon Emission Oxy-Hydrogen (HHO) Generator

Hydox Systems


The Brown gas (HHO), i.e., hydrogen as well as oxygen, is considered as one of the assuring fuels for the future. It can be generated by renewable process such as (i) photoelectrochemical water splitting, (ii) thermochemical water splitting, (iii) electrochemical water splitting, etc., with zero carbon emission. We designed an HHO generator using different electrode materials and investigated the impact of electrolyte molarity, and plate counts, which determine the efficiency and gas generation capacity of the device. We observed that the combination of stainless steel with KOH results in the maximum yield in a hydrolytic reaction among other electrode materials. On the other hand, aluminium was failing to provide a minimum power to initiate the reaction at a feasible rate, aside of that stainless steel provided power of 90 W attributed to the higher electrolysis rate. They will endure for a long period so that we can escalate the production at the industrial scale. While working with 3 biased and 2 neutral electrodes combination, the device was able to continuously generate HHO at a flow rate of 175 ml/min for 30 min with power of 100.8 W. And with 3 biased electrodes and 4 neutral electrodes, highest production of HHO gas was 180 ml/min at 118 W power. Thus, the present device with stainless steel as electrode and KOH as electrolyte can be a better option for a cost-efficient large-scale production of the HHO gas.

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