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Dieter Muller truck driver & owner

Hello Truckers, I was motivated to reduce fuel costs for my Mercedes Actros. I purchased the HS16000, and after waiting for two weeks, it arrived fully assembled in a box. Installing it only required attaching the box to the truck, connecting wires, and one hose, which took around 2 hours. The support from Hydrox System for the Dynamic PWM of the HHO Kit was exceptional. Previously, my fuel consumption was 28 liters per 100 kilometers, but now it averages at 25 liters per 100 kilometers. This results in saving around 450-500 liters of fuel per month. I also noticed increased torque when climbing with 20-22 ton loads. Additionally, there is reduced spending on AdBlue liquid, possibly due to the HHO Gas enhancing the combustion of diesel fuel.

I suggest that all fleet businesses consider using Hydrox Systems HHO kits made in Europe for their trucks, as they offer numerous advantages. – Deiter Muller, Truck Driver and Owner


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